JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.18.14

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Another week gone, where did it go? Seems like we were just here.

Mid-October now and the fall colors are a-flame. Actually, I’m seeing more yellow this year than reds and oranges, don’t know why.

Got up close and personal with them yesterday on a lunchtime trail run. Motoring along, Bruce singing about Wrecking Balls on my MP3 play (no iPod for me). I hit a rock or a root that was covered in the dead stuff and went sprawling. Bloodied my elbow, scraped up my knee.

Whoever said running was a contact sport?


This Week’s Links:

* Elmore Leonard’s Papers (and Hawaiian shirts) Go To University

* The Trouble with Pumpkin Spice

* From Scott Kelby: Simplicity In A Busy Outdoor Scene

* Creepy flash fiction from Ryan Sayles.

* Speaking of writers and writing.

* Upcoming TV series about the Magnum Photo Agency

* W. Eugene Smith’s Country Doctor

* “Creativity takes courage.”- Henri Matisse

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Tearsheets: Audio And Visual

CC show

Very excited to announce a couple of new things, one a new book project I’m involved with, and one an interview that I did that you might want to listen to.

First the interview….Back in September, when I was part of the Bruce Springsteen Symposium at Monmouth University, I met a woman (HUGE Springsteen fan of course) named Camille Conte. Camille has been involved in the radio and broadcasting fields since the late 1980’s and is very well known and well respected. While I like about her is that she’s turned with the times and now produces her own radio show twice week, playing music and interviewing her guests virtually. (For my interview, I was in my truck -quietest place – sitting in a little parking lot under the fall foliage overlooking the Delaware River, pretty much where Washington crossed back in the day.)

Photographer Barry Schneier and Radio Host Camille Conte

Photographer Barry Schneier and Radio Host Camille Conte

Anyway, at the symposium, Camille and I chatted about my noir photography, and my involvement with TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND. She was really interested in both, and asked if she could interview me at some point.

We thought this week would work out well because a)I’ll be NoirCon in a couple of week promoting the book and b)well, she had other guests for earlier shows and this was when she could fit me in!

The interview went really well, and I don’t sound like I have marbles in my mouth. I ramble a bit at times, so I’ll have to tighten up some answers if this becomes a habit.

Anyway, here’s the link to the show. My interview comes in around the 4:30 mark and is about 20 minutes (I know, right?). I talk about some of the projects I’m working on, why I love noir, and how I get some of my shots. And, maybe best of all, Camille let’s me play DJ (sort of) on the way out.

The Promised Land indeed.


On the heels of TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND, my run of crime fiction anthologies continues.

The latest is another publication from Zelmer Pulp Press called Maybe I Should Just Shoot You In The Face.

I know, I know….that title. It’s a bit tongue in cheek (gun in cheek?) thought as it’s actually a link the a story by Chris Leek. Frankly, it DOES sound like something a couple of Jersey mugs would say to each other a few times in the course of the day.

And hey, when you shoot the gritty side of life like I do, you don’t get asked to contribute to Puppy Dogs and Unicorns Weekly.

With stories by Leek, Isaac Kirkman, Brian Panowich, Ryan Sayles, Chuck Regan, Benoît Lelièvre and Gareth Sparks, and a intro by Paul D. Brazill, it’s another strong compendium of crime fiction.

Here’s a little trailer I put together (or click here to watch on YouTube or Vimeo)

MYSJSYITF will be out in paperback soon, but is available as an ebook now. Check it out here on Amazon.

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Weekend Shot: Morning, Small Town

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I had a plethora of images to pick a Weekend Shot from this past weekend.

Landscapes, kids, local fall festival.

Saturday was a stay-at-home rainy Saturday. Got some work done around the house, and pulled some photos from a new photo project that I home comes to fruition (more to come on that when I know more).

Sunday was one of those gorgeous early Fall days that you get here on the East Coast. Morning air was cool and mist was rising as I took my dogs to an early grooming appointment. Later in the day, it was a spectacular day with bright sunshine and high, puffy clouds.

On the way back from the dog groomers, though, as I made my way through Allentown, I saw this gal and scene out my windshield. As I was stopped at the light, I noticed the light and shadows. After reading about the passing of Philadelphia photographer Ray K. Metkzer and checking out his work, I couldn’t help but think this image would be great in B&W.

A bit of an homage to Ray.

Light + shadows + morning = This Weekend Shot.

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JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.11.14

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A wide-ranging week has emptied out into a rainy Saturday.

Last week, some of the family (Leslie and Chase) were in Florida. Now, all are home under one roof, and milestones are being met and surpassed.

Like what? Well, Kraj Kid #3, Matty, is into Day 3 of potty training and doing VERY well. After three kids and seven years, we’re on the verge of being a diaper-free family.

This weekend too we’re dismantling his crib and putting his “big boy bed” together. He did very well in one when we went to Vermont this past August, so there shouldn’t be any trouble.


For me, my week took me from the country roads of New Jersey to the bright lights of New York City. Ate in a diner uptown and heard a talk by the most connected man in the world.

And in between, shot some photos.

Wheel keeps turning for us all.


This Week’s Links:

* Diamonds: A Best Friend

* Forty portraits In Forty Years

* How a photographer is covering Ebola.

* DIY Garage Photo Studio

* The 11 o’clock rule.

* Photographers At Work

* Five Unbelievable Muppet Show Guest Stars (Alice Cooper is my favorite.)

* “You don’t study photography. You do it.” ~ Elliott Erwitt.

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