Milestone, Part Two

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A few days ago, I shared Olivia’s first day of second grade photo. That was Milestone Part One.

Today, another milestone. Both my boys, Chase and Matthew, off on their first day of preschool.

They went in Monday for their “sort of” first day. Find their classrooms. Meet their teachers. Play a little bit. They’ll be in the same building but down the hall from each other (this is actually Chase’s second year of preschool).

Today, they are off on their first “real” day.

I know my wife is happy, sort of. Hard to see them going off on their own, but she gets a few hours back to her day. She’ll either invest that into peace and quiet, or to getting things done. If I know her, it’ll probably be more the latter than the former. She’s not one to sit around, though I hope she does enjoy the peace and quiet.

Summer is really over.

The Brothers Krajnak.

Ready to rule the school.

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Weekend Shot: it’s Up and Good

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It was a busy, active weekend. More on that to come.

And, best of all, football is back. As much as I love baseball, it’s always good to see the Men of Fall return. The story lines, the dramas, the plays.

Yes, football is back.

Beautiful Sunday + high school football field + Nik Silver = This Weekend Shot

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Friday Noir: Tough Guys And Poor Boys

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She double-locked the doors and then dragged a trashcan in front of he refrigerator and dumped everything except a jar of pickles and a couple of cans of Diet Coke. She opened one and walked back into the front room and spun the dial on her gun safe. Working by the slanting orange light coming through the front windows she pulled out a long-barreled Colt automatic and laid it on the carpet next to the small Glock 27. She found boxes of .40 and .45 ammunition and loaded the guns and the extra magazines, feeling more power as she pushed in each bright shell, thinking of Teresa and the candles. When the guns were loaded she hefted them, feeling the difference between the gun empty and the guns ready to work, and she hiked the leg of her jeans and strapped on the ankle rig. She assembled the Winchester and loaded it squat black shotgun shells from the box Sleeper had left for her.

Fight the devil, she thought. Fight the devil and win.

Philadelphia born-and-bred author Dennis Tafoya, now living on the other side of the river, gets a little Jersey Noir treatment today.

Normally, I like to B&W with my noir shots. But as I was looking at this one, I liked how the orange lettering on the spine of the book nearly matches the Old Grandad label. So I left this one in some subdued color.

Simple lighting on this one: Neewer 160 LED Light, camera left, not much else.

I’ve done these types of “Tough Guys Reading Shots” before, like here. And here. And here. It’s become like a subset of my noir offerings.

Has it’s roots in the Norman Mailer classic novel, Tough Guys Don’t Dance. I say, Tough Guys Don’t Dance…They Read.

Anyway, Dennis’ The Poor Boy’s Game, set in and around Philadelphia, was one of my favorite summer reads.

Tightly written, changes of pace, well-described people and settings. I really enjoyed Dennis’ work of crime fiction.

If you’re looking to build your FRL – Fall Reading List – with something you can sit out by the fire and smell Autumn all around you, this is a good place to start.

Just make sure you’re locked and loaded.

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First Of Second

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Feeling the passage of time today….

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