Hangin’ With Ocho Cinco and Johnny Fever

Gettin’ out of New Jersey Dodge for a few days….headed to the Queen City and surrounding areas on a bit of a business trip.

I gotta say…It’s a bit rough to get on a Continental Express flight with the memory of Flight 3407 still so fresh in everyone’s minds. No offense to Continental…generally, they do a great job, at least with the flights I’ve been on. But still..there are so many variables you just never know….The folks on that flight are still in our minds, no doubt.


That aside, though, it was time to finally put one of my longest projects, my company’s annual report, to bed. Been working on this since last August, so yes, it’s a big one. But a project I really like and I hope it comes out well. I’m happy to say I wrote a big part of this report, edited it all out, and even got the chance to go on one of the photo shoots for the book. So I’m pretty wedded to this one.

But now it’s time to get this puppy printed and I was on a mid-afternoon flight out of NJ.


I had what I needed:
* Tasty mini pretzels
* Some Diet Coke
* Current copy of Outside magazine
* Current copy of After Capture magazine

While I’m here in the great Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, I hope to get a chance to shoot some cool images. Emphasis on “I hope”. Stay tuned and we’ll see what we get.

If nothing else, maybe I’ll see a wing walker…Gotta love Shatner…

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

3 thoughts on “Hangin’ With Ocho Cinco and Johnny Fever

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  2. Hey Mark!
    My first time to your blog. I stumbled across it from Flickr. I enjoy both your pictures and posts.

    It seems like the link to your Blog from Flickr is broken. I had to edit and paste it the address line of my browser. Just wanted to mention it to you!

    PS – Watch out for the Choco-Chili!!

  3. How funny – I just left Cincinnati to spend the week in Jersey! Drop me a line next time you’re in the Queen City and we can go shoot!

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