Back On The Jersey Side


And that’s how the day started for me. Up early, get some oatmeal and coffee for breakfast, then get packed up to leave Cincy and head back to New Jersey.

(Go here and hover if you want to see what all that crap is.)

Overall, it was a success. Job No. 5432 ran pretty smoothly, not to many (costly) edits while on press, and we even got done a day early. Now we just wait to see how the annual report looks bound in a few days.

Hennegan Printers did a great job, as usual, in no small part to Charles and Kathy, who kept the whole week humming. I shot this on the print floor using available light. The only thing I don’t like is that harsh spill light on the left side of Charles. He was leaning on a table that we used to check color and I couldn’t wrangle the overhead.


While I took my 430 EX flash, it never left my bag. I knew I wanted to do some shooting on the print floor (when I wasn’t reading pages for final edits of course) and kind of wanted to do it almost photojournalistic fashion. So I wanted to use the light that was available. And I have to say, I thought it gave me some pretty interesting opportunities. I just played with my ISO and exposures to get some looks I wanted.



These Heidelberg Sunday presses looked really interesting and I tried to capture it from a lower angle that showed all the lights lit up down the line. This was shot at ISO 100, f/4.0, -2 EV. I darkened the overall image in post to make them pop alittle more.


Click for bigger.

Once these presses start to run, especially when you’re printing 1 million plus books, you don’t want to stop them. And can you imagine if they jam? You know how frustrating it is when your copier jams. This must just be a nightmare.


And, as per my mission statement, I tried to get my camera in a different place whenever possible. I like the detail in this one.


So everything went well, and I should see books soon. Once they get released to shareholders in a few weeks, I’ll have other AR-related images to share.

Cincy airport isn’t too bad and it wasn’t to crowded. Still, it’s a hassle. Everyone going through the security lines knows what they need to do yet it still seems like it’s everyone’s first time. Though the older gal who did a little jig while going though the metal detector gave me a chuckle.

It was right about then that my Blackberry chirped with an incoming call. Since I was in the process of puttingthelaptopinabin/takingoffshoes/takingoffjacket/tryingtonotloseboardingpassandID, I couldn’t answer it but looked at it to see who it was.


As I made my way to the gate, I listened to his voicemail message and had to chuckle. Brother’s been on the road to long I think….it was a ramble about yes, being on the road (Vegas), steroids, the Knicks, a whole mess of stuff. So once I got found my gate and found a place to relax for an hour (Sam Adams Brew Pub. Sure, I’ll have a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I mean, it IS 10:30 a.m.) I buzzed him back.

It’s always good to catch up with Joe but the one thing that came out of our discussion – and he’s going to bring this up with Scott Kelby – is that, in light of all the A-Fraud talk, Photoshop really needs to come up with an “steroid” filter or something. You know, pop the image in, hit the filter and you can artifically enhance your model to today’s standards. 😀 I also suggested that shooters like Joe and Moose really need to get on the sauce. I mean, c’mon, look at the D3X! If Nikon and Canon keep putting all this new cool stuff – more pixels, video, etc. – in their rigs, they are bound to get heavier, right? These shooters have gotta go to the ol’ Vitamin S to keep going.

Of course, in three to five years, they can sit in front of an audience at PhotoExpo or something and say they were young, and naive and stupid. Heheh.

I jest of course. I’m for ANP – All Nature Photography!

Actually, Joe is doing some final proofing his new book as well and that should be available next month. Stay tuned to his blog for more info on that. It’ll be epic, I’m sure. He’ll keep road dawging it for awhile though – Vegas, then New Mexico, then Hawaii with Moose.

Finally, though, I made it home to all my girls. Three of the four of them were there to greet me. (the Mrs. was headed into Gotham to see Phantom). Nothing like getting mobbed by two furry pups and one 21-month old. The licks, the hug around the legs and the happy “Daddy!” makes the homecoming all that much better.


More to come in the next couple of days from my trip to the Queen City……

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

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