This I Don’t Know About….And A Word From A Geek

You may have seen recently that a few of Time Warner publications (Fortune, Sports Illustrated) have had 3-D advertising sections in them, complete with tear out 3-D glasses.

Sports Illustrated went even a little further last week when they had a few photos in their “Leading Off” section shot by SI photographer David E. Klutho.

In the intro, a bit of background is given: Klutho first determined to explore the possibilities of 3-D photography during a vacation to Prague in 1997 when, during a stop at a tourist-trap souvenir store, he peered into a cheap cardboard viewing box at a 3-D picture of a church. Klutho felt as if he were standing at the doorstep of the structure. “I couldn’t wait to get home to try to make 3-D photography work for sports,” he says.

You can read all about it here.

Klutho is a great shooter – heck, he must be if he’s putting glass on sports subjects for Sport Illustrated. But I’m just not sure I dig the 3-D images that are in the magazine.

First, I hate those glasses. Never liked them, never will. And frankly, only a couple of imaged had the desired effect to me. Maybe I wasn’t viewing them in the right conditions (in the gym, on the stationary bike) but for whatever reason, only one or two had that pop. Maybe under better conditions the images would have been more impressive.

And another thing….the image of the bucking steer with the rider falling off…OK, that big steer is ONE BIG STEER. I REALLY did not need to see those Rocky Mountain Oysters flapping all over like that. Seriously…I’m all for keeping photos in their original state, but alittle of Photoshop cloning out of those big, er, bad boys wouldn’t have hurted here.

Anyway, I totally respect with Klutho can do with 3-D rigs…but eh. SI didn’t wow me this week.

Now, on to something else real quick..and that’s what the shooters on my blog roll are doing. They are showing some really cool stuff on their blogs this week.

Down in Texas, Jeff Lynch is showing us some amazing spring colors. I guess I”m still pushing the season here in the Great State of New Jesey, but I was determined to put some glass on a robin this past weekend, just to show Jeff that yes, spring is here too.

Now, I’ve seen the little red bellies when I’ve walked my dogs. But dangit, when the camera is in your hand, they get all shy, I guess. This was the best I could get – luckily I had my zoom with me.


Larger…and grainier!

Moose Peterson I ain’t. I know.

And from down Arizona way, Chris Klug posted a beautiful image of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. I let out an audible “wow” at my desk this morning when I saw it.

Made me want to go out and track down one of my Golden Gate Bridge shots from when I lived out there. I decided on this one, one I shot just days before we moved back to the East Coast. Standing in Marin County, it’s getting foggy and blustery. I was trying to set up my little Canon A80 6 mp camera on the tripod to get this shot. There’s a bunch wrong with the shot but I still kinda like it.


Larger…and grainier!

One of these days, I’m going to get around to talking about those shooters over on my blog roll, why they are there and what I love about their photography. One word sums them all up, though: Inspiring.

A couple of other neat things have happened recently that I’ll talk about (and show)…just need to see how some things break first.

And, I almost forgot – my safe computing tip of the day: Please, please, please head over to everyone’s favorite Geek,The Geek Whisperer, and find out how to thwart this nasty Conficker virus that is ready to unleash hell on April 1.

As TGW always says…Practice Safe Computing!

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

3 thoughts on “This I Don’t Know About….And A Word From A Geek

  1. Mark
    You got me laughing about the SI photos and now I have to go and look for a copy, however it would only be a steer after the Photoshop work and that’s no bull.
    The shy robin is great.

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