The Kids Called Him Jimmy The Saint….

I said in my last post that I was headed out shooting and I was. Didn’t want to leave it hanging. It’s late now, and my eyes are a little bleery so forgive me if these don’t look as good as I hope they do.

Anyway, got done with the work day and with the Mrs. and the Little One out to PA. to visit with my parents, I grabbed my gear and headed to the beach. I have a new project to work on (sort of, more tk, I hope) and wanted to do some original images for it. This gave me a chance to do some night photography on my own time.

So, I grabbed my grip bag (more gear than I’d need but just in case) my camera and the battery that was charging. I was charged up too – get down to Asbury Park with enought daylight to spare and decide what I want to do. Can even grab a Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way down while listening to the Phils close out the Nats on a very somber day.

Halfway down, game over with a Phillies win, I plug in the iPod and dial in Bruce. I am headed to Asbury Park and he seems to spur some creative shooting on my part (really he does. I play his music and good things come out of the camera. A post for a later day, maybe.)

Finish the coffee, pull into the parking lot, pull on the hoodie under the North Face fleece (chilly down there!)…wow, look at that sunset and clouds! Check the settings, start shooting.

What the….???

So, friends, the lesson here is that in your haste to get on the road, when you grab your camera and/or grip bag, please…MAKE SURE YOU GRAB YOUR CF CARD OUT OF THE CARD READER ATTACHED TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!


Back in the car, find the nearest place to sell me a new CF card. CostCo, no. Target, no. Walgreens – Bingo. Sandisk UltraII 2 GB card will work fine. Not what I usually use (SanDisk Extreme III) but it will do.

Lost quite a bit of daylight but finally got back to Asbury Park and started shooting. Did some quick processing tonight (have to be up and in the office early tomorrow) but here are a few I liked….

The Baronet Theater. As I walked up Kingsley Avenue, this looked just so great. Reminded me of something in a Larry McMurtry novel…



The famed Madame Maria’s. I had never shot this at night before and the reds were just jumping. In post, decided to leave the lamp in the right side of the frame. Think I should have?
Madame Maria's


Another icon, the old Casino. I was shooting this as I approached it, but it wasn’t until the two young teens entered the frame that I really started to like it. The girls give it some life and perspective. I like the color version, but this B&W version appealed to me as well.



Maybe more to come on this shoot, and I think I got one or two for the project I’m working on. We’ll see….

As I rolled up Route 66, headed home, I turned on some Springsteen again. Just feels like the thing to do. The title of this entry comes from one of my favorite songs, Lost In The Flood. Just love how Bruce growls….….the kids call him Jimmy The Saint…. Check it out.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

6 thoughts on “The Kids Called Him Jimmy The Saint….

  1. Wow. Great evocative images, especially since they’re of Asbury. With Madam Marie’s I’d absolutely leave that lamp in for color grounding reasons (simultaneous contrast, and you’ll hold the red as a red more than way) The Casino in B&W is beautiful. Is the Stone Pony still open? These are great shots. Hmm, your technique of putting the large version on Flicker has given me an idea . . . anyhoo, these are great.

  2. As much as we like to believe that shooting local provides ample opportunity, going somewhere else always jazzes me to the max. Great shots and it looks like you had a great time.

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