Up Close And Personal

What a weekend here in New Jersey, at least weather-wise. Beautiful, to say the least. At least until Monday rolls in.

On Saturday, I took the opporunity to get the Trek off of the trainer in the basement, lube up the chain, check the brakes and take it out for a roll. Aside from being an amature photographer, I’m an even more amature cyclist, at least on the weekends. It was great rolling through Mercer County on Saturdya, smelling the mulch that was being put down and going past the farms that will be high with corn in just a few short months. Yes, Ray…Spring is here.

Before I put the rubber to the pavement, though, I decided to do a little shooting and practice my macro technique. I love to shoot my rig up close and personal – the handlebar tape, the gears, the shifters. It’s almost prettier in pieces rather than on as a whole.


View On Black

Needless to say, I’m very open to Bontrager or Trek Bikes
calling me to do some commercial work for them. 😀

This was shot outside….that beauty of a black background? The cover that goes over my grill. 😀


View On Black

So, after wiping the dust off of the Klein Q-Carbon, AKA The Black Mamba, snapping on the helmet and tightening up the cycling shoes, I was ready to go. Ended up being a short one – only about 12 miles – but it was good to stretch the legs and have the rubber meet the asphalt.

And believe it…I WAS the best looking cyclist out there…

© Leslie M. Krajnak 2008

© Leslie M. Krajnak 2008

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

7 thoughts on “Up Close And Personal

  1. @Chris…that’s my everyday walkaround lens – Canon 17-85mm. Does the job for me for the most part!

    @Jeff…maybe MY sens of humor rubbed off on Joe. He was a pretty dour guy when we first met…

    *just kidding* 😀

  2. How did you get Jessica Fletcher to give up her bike? You know how I know that wasn’t your bike? Your knees are still bent. Any serious biker who actually buys shoes …. wouldn’t keep the seat that low….. give your wife her bike back…or will she not give yours back… either way great macro shots.

  3. @Mike… A Murder, She Wrote, reference! Awesome! That’s another reason why my readers rock!

    And it’s not my wife’s bike…it’s OLIVIA’S bike..and she’ll tell you so, too.

    @Ray….simple lovin’ that’s all. We have four bikes…I like this one the bestest.

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