In Contrast….

Earlier this week, I sent off to my contact at the Special Olympics New Jersey about 75 finished images from the 2009 Lincoln Tunnel Challenge that I shot back on April 26. I received an email from her today saying she got them and loved them. That’s always nice to hear. Of course, I tried to give her what was on the shot sheet, but I also tried to give her some of my more interesting images from the day. (Ironically, I Googled “2009 Lincoln Tunnel Challenge” today and saw that there is a fair number of blogs by runners who entered the event. One was asking if there were any images on-line. Made me think I should check out some other Photoshop tools for an on-line gallery – one that isn’t here or on my Flickr page. I think I may have found something. Do me a favor and click the hot link below. Let me know if you can view this on-line gallery of about 50 images:

Images from the 2009 Lincoln Tunnel Challenge.

I appreciate it, my friends.

I also went back to my core file of images and came back to some of the “fun” ones that I was messing with while taking a break from the really processing. Specifically, I was really bumping up the contrast on some, going for a really gritty, granular look. I’m no art director, but I thought this fit the setting. Using the Nik Color Efex Pro and either the Contrast Only or Tonal Contrast filters, some interesting images were the result, I think. Helped to desaturate them but also pull up some interesting elements to the images.

#1 – The Stare Down.


#2 -Vitamin. Water.
vitamin water

#3 – Ant’s Eye View – The Lincoln Tunnel

#4 – Cross Country runner

#5 – Possibly my favorite of this series. Was I thinking about the McNally shot on page 52 of The Hot Shoe Diaries? Absolutely. Did I come close to his stark image? Absolutely not! Just my interpretation of the water table, pre-race. Though…it may be my favorite of the series.

There’s always gotta be contrast in life. That’s my motto.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2008 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software

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