Get Up. Get Out. Shoot.

So. Did you get behind the camera today? Did you try something new? Did you further your craft?

Nothing like getting slapped upside the head early. I get into work, take care of some immediate business, and finally go get my third cup of the morning.

I click over to a few of my daily favorites to see what’s going on. Jeff is showing some Texas Towns. Chris is working hard, because he hasn’t posted anything new since the weekend. Hey, no problem – SoFoBoMo is calling. Ray, The Geek Whisperer…and other, they get the daily looks as well.

Then the kick in the pants. First, Chase just rocks a “To Do” list for today. I cower. I hide. What can I do today? Then Syl imparts some more Lessons and I break out in a sweat. I shiver. God forbid I check out Joe or Moose. I’ll implode.

What can I do today? I’m tethered to this desk! Things to do, meetings to attend, boxes to check.

But wait. Maybe…just maybe….I can carve out about 20 minutes after the lunch meeting.

Yes, that’s it. Do the meeting, go grab the 20D rig. Head to the place that often gives me inspiration. A walk into the past to push forward the present.

I work in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Settled in 1730, the place drips history. Not far from my “office” – long story – are a couple of churches, and resting places, that date back to even earlier than 1730. 1717 to be exact. And I often head here, camera slung over the shoulder, for some quiet inflection and some interesting photographic opportunities. And so, I headed to the First Reformed Church to see what I could find to scratch the itch that Chase and Syl created.

Iron. Gotta love the Fe2.

I walked around the courtyard/graveyard. I frame things up. I listened. I looked. And for some reason, I settled on a shed. A tool shed. But it seemed to be the piece that was the most interesting to me.


And the old stones that made up the church were interesting.

Of course, being such an old graveyard, the headstones are special. They tell stories in just a few lines. Another time. Another place. Another people. But I could connect to someone that was a “Ready Patriot” and an “Enemy of Tyranny.” Good stuff…

So, I thought I got my fix. I took some time to get behind the camera. I tried some new things (different ISO’s, changing DoF perspectives). I added to my ongoing “New Jersey Portfolio” and I think these are somewhat interesting. What do you think?

Headed back to the office….I had one more shot to take. It wasn’t from 1717 or 1746 or 1781. It was from 2009. Far from where I was but not far from where I am.


Check those links. See what they say. And if you haven’t gotten out to shoot lately….well, go.

No excuses.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

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