Baseball In The Cradle of Liberty

There’s a few things I really like. Three of them are baseball….baseball in the Cradle of Liberty…and baseball on the 4th of July.

Ok, two out of three ain’t bad.

This will be quick post. Just got home a few hours ago from the Mets/Phillies game (Phillies win, 7-2), and was happy with some of the images I got and wanted to share them in case anyone is checking out this tiny, dusty corner of the Internet on the 4th of July. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!

Pregame gave me some really cool skies that I did a bit of an HDR-effect to using the Nik filters.

View On Black

A fan razzes Mets leftfielder Nick Evans after he botches a fly ball in the first inning. I had my eye on this guy in the Utley t-shirt. Knew he was going to give me something at some point. Yeah, I know I got some noise in the lower right hand corner from another fan’s shirt. But I still like the image.

A birds-eye view of Citizens’ Bank Ballpark. It’s really a great place to watch a game.

View On White

Oh, and I had the opportunity to take a portrait of two really cool people. Believe they said their names were Ben and Betsy, but I missed the last names…

More to come from the game in a bit….Happy Independence Day to all my American readers.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software

5 thoughts on “Baseball In The Cradle of Liberty

  1. @Brent, yep, that’s the one I used. When I saw how the clouds looked, I knew that filter would work well here. I just tried to back off the structure slide abit.

    @Ray and Bob – Thanks, we’re all doing better and had a great 4th!

    @ Tom – you’re too kind, sir.

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