From Small Things Big Things One Day Come


West End Court500_bw_mk092609_MG_1509

Nearly 40 years ago, a skinny guy from Freehold, New Jersey, was trying to make his guitar talk. He and his early bands, Castile and, later, Steel Mill, would play the local high schools and bars in many of the dusty shore towns that dot the New Jersey coast. He’d even move to northern California for a while, only to move back to the Great State of New Jersey.

Now, Bruce Springsteen, who just turned 60 last week, and his band – the [Legendary] E-Street Band – will embark on an epic swing at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The shows will effectively close the stadium as it makes way for a new and bigger one.

Needless to say, I’m excited. The shot above is of a small, long one-level house in Long Branch, New Jersey, about a block from the beach. It’s also the house where, in the right front room, Bruce, sitting at a piano, wrote all the songs for Born To Run. It’s flat out a piece of rock-and-roll history (and can be yours for a mere $225,000. It’s currently up for sale.)

I had to take a swing by that little house in Long Branch last weekend. Me and my Little One had been in Asbury Park to check out a showing of Danny Clinch photos of Springsteen and the band. I’m a huge Clinch fan…and this 30-odd image showing did not disappoint. Previously unreleased images from the past couple of years, just really cool stuff. Wish I had the scratch to purchase one.

Being down in the shore towns was a nice intro to the show this week. He and the band went from that little house in Long Branch to the rock joint in Asbury Park, the internationally known Stone Pony. I’ve seen a few shows there and it’s just a classic.

stone ponyframed500_mk092609_MG_1506

On Wednesday me and The Geek Whisperer will be on hand Wednesday evening to help kick off the closing ceremonies of Giant Stadium. It’ll be a good night, I’m sure. Sparks will fly on E Street…


Corresponding with the shows this week in Jersey is the release of a new book called “The Light In Darkness.” The book, celebrating the anniversary of Darkness On The Edge Of Town, was compiled by Lawrence Kirsch, a renowned rock photographer and Springsteen historian. Lawrence had asked me to contribute some original imagery, like the one below, to the project but, alas, they didn’t make the final cut. Still, the book looks really cool and a must-have for Springsteen fans.


Tomorrow, when the house lights darken, and the crowd rises, I know that David and I will be up with them. There’s not many bands that earn the $100+ bucks you pay for to see them…but the kid from Freehold and his NJ house band will do it. I’m certain they will kick off the hometown shows with energy and goodness and ultimatum….to go with them to The Promised Land and to just bust it out.

One last time at Giants Stadium.

Hometown boys make good.

Yes they do.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

7 thoughts on “From Small Things Big Things One Day Come

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  3. These images are just wonderful, although they could make someone think that NJ is dark and moody when it is, in reality, ya know, bright and moody. Just kidding. You know I love that Kingsley shot, really very special. That street sign, 10th Ave, I’ve never seen that before. When out-of-state friends would visit me I have on occasion taken them on Springsteen tours, but that landmark I’d never seen. I was in the Garden State earlier this week briefly on business; bought my pork roll and drove back to Pittsburgh. Had a burger and fries with brown gravy at a diner on Rt 3; realized how much I miss the place. Maybe on my next visit we can get together and say hello.

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