Pictures That Move


Now, I normally use this space to drop my own images on you, try to see if I’m on any type of target or not. But I watched a couple of things today that I just have to reblog because they are just that good.

First, from my buddy Joe McNally’s blog. The video with him and Scott Kelby just rocks.

Now for as good as the video is…I just wondering do Joe’s fine blog readers “get” where the inspiration comes from? Joe is a big basketball fan (even if it’s the Knicks) so I KNOW that video has its origin as a tip of the cap to the classic Larry Bird/Michael Jordan McDonald’s commercial from the early ’90s I’d say (judging from MJ’s Kid ‘n Play outfit.)

Just classic.

And then, this is just too good not to share. As someone who, nearly daily, is trying to figure out if video is the right medium for the corporate website I oversee (our web trends think not), I’m now experimenting with photo slide shows, much like the NY Times does. I feel they can be just as, if not more, compelling than actual video, at a fraction of production cost. Anyway, this is great video by Alexx Henry that may show the way that magazines are heading.

When I first watched this, I said “That is SO cool!”

Then I thought: Can I ever bring that to my company’s annual report, another project I work on? Would it even have value? Is it sustainable in this ever eco-friendly environment?

All questions that still need time to be answered I think. But it’s pretty evident. There will always be a place for still images. And video, what with smaller, lighter, cheaper and yet HD handhelds out there, as well as being integrated into film cameras (still waiting for the first video from Jeff Lynch’s 5DMII…) is going to be taken to incredible heights. More and more media is on-line and not in print. It’s making for a tsunami of creativeness.

As Bon Jovi once said…Buckle up baby it’s a bumpy ride.

By the way…felt pretty good today sealing up that Fed Ex package and sending that disk of about 60 images to Lynn at the Special Olympics of New Jersey. The Plane Pull last weekend was a fun event to shoot. I hope that Lynn and the SONJ like the images I selected, can use them for promotion, and ask me back next year.

Just trying to get the camera in a new place…

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Pictures That Move

  1. Mark
    I am with you on the slide show experience being more compelling than video. Still images require the viewer to bring something of themselves to the table and identify with the image on a deeper level than video, I believe. The user/viewer creates part of the story and a part of themselves is required to fill in the details. A series of images can lead and tell more of a story than a single image can but still needs something from the viewer to make it connect and whole. Video has it’s place online and in the media and I can see a convergence of stills and video like Chase Jarvis is known to create, but it is the still images that create the longest lasting impact. I remember still images as a whole image, videos as a still second from the whole.
    My views on all this may be tempered by the fact I read printed books and my age, I would like to believe that the short attention span generation is only a blip on the timeline and imagination is alive and well for future audiences not just the creators of content.

  2. Wow. I’m really confused about this. To me, the slide shows at the NY Times are more compelling than most video I watch, but I just don’t know how off-base I am. I also kinda doubt the “moving newsstand” thingy unless the develop batteries that would be just as thin as the screens and sell dirt cheap with the ‘magazine.’

    The other issue here is that our minds consume time-based story (commercials) differently than we consume still images and written stories. I just don’t see people stopping to watch a video as they walk down the 7th Ave staircase entrance to Penn Station.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

  3. Thanks for sharing that Mark. Very interesting the new technology that is coming out. I agree that video usage is going to be taken to new heights, but there will always be a place for stills. Although, maybe the way we take stills will eventually change, like the RED camera.

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