We Have Ways Of Making…


Read about a musuem dedicated to the KGB on Lubyanka in Moscow.

So Stephen, the art director, goes to the concierge of our hotel – let’s call him Boris – to ask about a tour.

Stephen: “So, heard about the KGB Museum. When are the tours?”

Boris: “Etz closed. Etz no open today.”

Stephen. “Ah, ok, will it be open tomorrow?”

Boris: “No. Etz closed. It not open today or tomorrow. Etz closed.”

Stephen, the persistant one: “Hmm…ok, so, how do we get inside the KGB offices to see them?”

Boris, nodding to to the bellman standing nearby: “Kielh him.”

Those crazy Moscovites!

I’m actually in Kazan now, about 500 kilometers east of Russia (Tolstoy and Lenin did some schooling here.). Saw some more of Moscow this morning and hopped a plane with the rest of the crew. Decided not to partake in the local specialty – horse – at dinner. But here are a few pics from the last day or so….

A soldier in Red Square…


Kazan Cathedral, also in Red Square, in a rare break in the clouds yesterday.

Kazan Cathedral500_mk101009_MG_1720

And yes… my travel buddy Flo did make the trip. Got me up early today to see Red Square as the sun was coming up…

Flo Red Square500_MG_1882

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Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 or PSE6 and Nik Software

5 thoughts on “We Have Ways Of Making…

  1. Great fun is afoot….. Carefull you don’t fall into one of their winters I hear it has ruined many an invader… I am enjoying your visit! Keep shooting. (as if)

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