Go With Ganesh



Time here in India is getting short. Really short. By tonight, I’ll have been checked out of the hotel here and booked on overnight passage to Paris. Don’t get me wrong – I’m wholly looking forward to a few hours in Paris. But it will be tough to leave India and the many great experiences – not to mention food – that I’ve had here. Doubt I’ll every forget it.

And it’s the faces too. The people that we came in contact with on this trip either directly or indirectly. It might have been snapping a pic of a couple of boys who were so excited to have me do so…

Harley and Popeye_500_MG_3822

Or one of the unique fellows at the jewelry bazaar. Was he a holy man giving me a blessing or just saying hello to a tourist? I’ll go with the former. Why not? I can always use another blessing.

holy man_500_MG_3857

Or maybe it was the gal who just happened to wander into our shoot scene.

banana hat_500_MG_3834

Going about her daily life, for 10 minutes she became integral to ours. Did she know that she’d become part of a photo shoot when she woke up yesterday morning? Doubt it. But she had the look that we loved to include in the shot.

And just to give you a quick glimpse as to what that crazy shoot looked like, check the video below. The set up was to get some of our talent out into an “Bombay” like scene. However, the shoot started in a mall, one that can be found anywhere from Forth Worth to Freehold. Not really saying “We’re In India!” So we did a quick scout and found a street across from the market. A little breakfast joint on one corner, little shop on the other. Narrow. But, at least when we were there, teeming with life. We shot there for about half an hour and got what we needed. And we didn’t let anyone get run over. So in this clip, you’ll see our photographer, Elizabeth, a bit of her assistant, Daniel, my art director Stephen, and yep, Ms. Banana Hat. And yes, Corporate Legal…we did get a consent form from her.

Even if her signature was her thumbprint…

So we’ll wrap here today, check out, kill some time and end up in Paris. More to come…

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 or PSE6 and Nik Software.

2 thoughts on “Go With Ganesh

  1. Your comment that “it will be tough to leave India” resonates for me. It is always tough to leave a wonderfully involving place with great people, great food, and sensory overload. I loved India — and I love what you’ve captured of India in your images. Your images make me want to go back.

    I haven’t been to Russia yet, but your images of Russia make me want to go there, too. You do a great job capturing color, personality, and key cultural elements. Great stuff.

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