Saturday In The Thieves Bazaar


Moped Life_500_BW_MG_3922


Someone asked me today if I was happy to be home.

Well, of course I am. Happy to be home with my family and my pups. But for the better part of today I sat in front of a computer answering email and dreading doing my expense report. Last week at this time, roughly, I was standing in a lake bed at the base of the Himalyan mountains on a photo shoot.

Kinda hard to compare….

Still going though my images, trying to see which ones I like best. There’s a lot. I’m really happy to be home to have acess to my big desktop screen to edit on, as well as to my Nik Silver filters, which I don’t have on my laptop. As I started to look at a bunch of images from our time last Saturday in Chor Bazaar (i.e. Thieves Bazaar), I really how they reproduced in B&W using Nik. Here are some of my favorites.

for hire_500_MG_3954






That first image here may be my favorite from the entire morning. The family, on a moped, coming back from a doctor’s appointment, apparent. Her expression is priceless. They passed within a few feet of me and that was meet pressing the shutter button while the camera was around my hip area. Sometimes, I guess, it’s better when I don’t look through the viewfinder….

Here’s some further reading on Chor (which means “thief” in Hindu-Urdu) Bazzar here. In addition to just being a superb place to do a photo walk, I bought a pair of antique cufflinks for about 50 cents and a small dagger that I’ll use for a letter opener for about $2.

You name it, Thieves Bazaar has it.

At a price…

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS4 or PSE6 and Nik Software.

5 thoughts on “Saturday In The Thieves Bazaar

  1. Priceless photos. Hips shots rule. I’ve found taking a couple shots (or hold down the shutter button) as i move the camera a little will help your batting average.

  2. Nik Silver is only part of the equation, excellent images make it work. The top one is my pick as well for favorite. I’ll bet a lot of others are happy you are home as well. I’m gone for 2 days and the pups won’t let me out of sight so I can imagine what it is like there, and I don’t have a little one to add to the mix.

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