Sometimes You Gotta GOYA


Yesterday, while following Zach Arias on Twitter, he mentioned something about a GOYA shoot that he and his staff were doing.

GOYA shoot? Maybe he had some product shots to do.

It wasn’t till he posted to his blog later what GOYA meant. Get Off Your Arse.

Meaning, put aside what your doing and devote 15, 30, 45,60 minutes to your craft or passion of photography. Not some big thing. Just get out in the world and see what you can get in front of your lens.

He made a little contest out of it for his staff. I just decided today that I’d GOMA (in my case) today and see what I could get with my G9, which I’m still learning.

My work days are often structured where I have meeting after meeting, or no meetings and I can get sucked into being stuck in my chair all day. Today could have been one of those days if not for the GOYA throw-down. Which, via Twitter, I threw out to a few of my friends (Ray, Ben, Jeff and whomever else) as well.

So, beginning with the image that led off this blog, here are a few shots that I took between leaving my desk and driving about 7 miles to return that 100-400mm beauty of a lens to my friend Melissa, whom I realize I neglected to give props to in the Passion post earlier this well. Much thanks, newly-married Mrs. Penta!

Couple of things: All were shot with my G9. And some were shot on full-auto. I didn’t necessarily want to get all wrapped up in the “doing” – I just wanted to shoot. And yes, all were post-processed, except for one. For some reason, some of these images seemed to really want me to use the Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0>Bleach Bypass filter on them. A couple just said “B&W” to me. And I did vignette them using PS Camera Distortion. Again, though, I wanted to see what I could see.

Here goes….my GOYA project for today:

Happily…I went off of Auto for this one. It’s straight out of the camera.

Sure, I’ll start to work the dials more on the G9. I was happy to see I could get some of my “low perspective” images that I like to shoot with the it. Would I submit any of these to a gallery or a magazine? Probably not. But it was a fun exercise with my new little camera.

All within 60 minutes. Sometimes it’s good to GOYA.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon G9, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 or PSE6 and Nik Software.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes You Gotta GOYA

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  2. I can see a long and good relationship developing here with the G9. I tend to think in B&W with mine and I propose that we think about making the GOYA thing a weekly or biMonthly event?? I may have to start doing more color and or flash work with it.
    I really like the last two images and want to know what a Brooklyn is?

  3. I read Zach’s post and loved it also. There are many who need some GOYA in our lives to stay healthy mentally and physically. Your G9 seems to be good for you also. I’m with Ray, what’s a Brooklyn?

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