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Who saw this coming???

On the heels of three spectacular weather days here in the Great State of New Jersey – on Easter Weekend and the start of the major league baseball season no less – the Philadelphia Eagles traded six-time Pro Bowler QB Donovan McNabb to the division rival, the Washington Redskins.

I shot the above two seasons ago when I had some pretty good seats at Lincoln Financial Field (The Linc) in Philly, thanks to my brother-in-law.

I used my 75-300mm lens basically the whole game. Why the odd uni’s for the Eagles? Because it was a “throwback” game and they were wearing the uniforms of the 1924-1931 Frankfort Yellowjackets. Just my luck to have great seats but when the Eagles weren’t wearing their traditional midnight Green and Silver.

McNabb has been an enigma since he first was drafted to Philly 11 years ago. Booed on draft day because the Phans wanted the running back Ricky Williams – now an NFL dud – he’s been both accomplished and defeated. While McNabb’s overall stats look respectable, great even, we the fans, I think, have grown tired of him throwing behind receivers, throwing balls low and into the dirt, and generally not getting it done in the big game. Some stats lie.

Still, to see him leave is both scary and exciting. A new era now begins in South Philly. For better or for worse. Who knows.

And who really cares, really. These players make multi-million dollar salaries and are cheered each weekend by Joe, the welder from West Philly or Dan, who drives a delivery truck for TastyKake from Fishtown.

I like to think I know these Philly fans somewhat. I went to college in Philly, and then stayed on, living one year in West Philly, – home of The Fresh Prince – and then about nine years deep in the heart of South Philly – 7th and Sears – just around the way from Pat’s King of Steaks. And Gino’s.

In both of those neighborhoods…Philly sports are supreme!!!

So I can only imagine what’s going on at the corner bars of those areas tonight. And not only that…this comes at the advance of Monday and the 1:05 p.m. opener of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball season. When arguably the best pitcher in all of baseball takes to the bump for the defending National League Champion Phillies.

While this Eagles news is undeniably huge…my favorite season – baseball season – is ready to leave the train station.

For the next five months at least – and hopefully six or seven if the Phils go deep in the post season – baseball will be the background to my stitch-work of my life. In the car, on the radio, in the office, on the computer, while I grill, in person…I’ll be soothed by the sounds of baseball. I’ll hang on every pitch of the Phils, and I’ll check in -due to proximity – with the Yankees and Mets too.

Season Opener, to me, is even bigger than the McNabb news. Season Opener, to me, means I survived another winter and came out on the other side.

Cold nights and warm drinks give ways to warm evenings and cold beers. Things are cookin’, for sure, for me this summer.

Let’s step into the box, grip it and rip it. We’ll worry about football season in a few months.

I’m A Fan.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2010 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 or PSE6 and Nik Software

5 thoughts on “I’m A Fan

  1. I am right there with you Mark nuthin in sports matters more than Baseball. You said it much more eloquently than I ever could. At times I don’t even care what team just a game and thanks to Satellite TV I can watch some from all over the country and both leagues. It is the game that counts.
    Love your baseball photos and am looking forward to more this year.

  2. Ok, so a couple things:

    1) I designed and marketed a computer baseball simulation (called Diamond Dreams) for 15 years. So, I think I qualify as a big baseball nut as well.

    2) Tell me what you think motivated the McNabb trade. Felt more political than anything else to me. he’s not done, not even close, and I can’t figure out why they’d do this.

  3. Chris,

    Regarding the McNabb trade, it was fairly simple: 5 is 32 years old with one year left on his contract. The Eagles weren’t going to give him another extension, so it was either trade him now and get something for him, or see him walk and get nothing. The reason they wouldn’t give him an extension is because they (as do I) feel that they’ve seen the best of what McNabb has to offer. He’s not an accurate passer and because of injury, he doesn’t run like he use to. That ability to scramble what what made McNabb McNabb. And while Kevin Kolb may not as good as McNabb was, he’ll be better in the next few years than McNabb will be. Plain and simple.

    The Eagles are many things, some good, some not so good. However, their front office seems to be extraordinarly good at judging talent, or the decline of it. No one that they have released or traded has really come back to hurt them. Including T.O. I don’t think McNabb will either.

  4. Hmm, that’s a great perspective. To me it was just that he was synonymous with the franchise and I wasn’t as knowledgeable regarding the erosion of his skills as you. All I knew was the benching from last year, and the rebound. And it didn’t seem like you got a lot back for him.

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