The First 50


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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I hit the halfway point of my 100 Strangers project. Seems like a long time ago since I photographed Jesse, above, at that tattoo place in Florida.

Seems like a long time ago because it was. I’m moving at a snail’s pace with this project and feel like I should pick the pace up a bit. That’s a goal as we move through the rest of this summer and hit the fall.

In the meantime, here’s a look back. Numbers 1 to 50, set to a photo slideshow. Just some everyday people I’ve met:

Now…time to get on with it!

© Mark V. Krajnak 2010 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 or PSE6 and Nik Software.

10 thoughts on “The First 50

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  2. The lighting…it takes a couple of minutes to fully absorb this photo and each moment is a pleasure. The toning also works well. Excellent.

    When you do this, do you get a release from the subject and if so, do you send them a copy of the photo?

  3. Thanks, all for the comments and retweets of this post. Much appreciate and helps to keep my desire from flagging.

    @burstmode No, I don’t get consent forms from the subjects. To paraphrase something I hear Zack Arias once say, consent forms aren’t needed since I have no intention of using these images in a commerical application. I do, however, give everyone my JSP business card and say that I’d be more than happy to send them prints or JPGS if they drop me an email, which I have done so on a number of occasions. I’m sure it makes them happy and I know it makes me happy to hear from them again.

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