Friday Noir: The Dame At The Bar

It was a long night that started early. Beers to mixers to shots to double martini’s.

Gin, please, and extra olives.

She was there. She looked good. She smelled good.

She also knew that I had $25,000 in the briefcase that was at my feet.

How did I know that she knew? I don’t know. I just did. Kinda like how you know you’ll be hit by lightening right before you’re struck.

Tunnel vision. Maybe that’s it.

I knew it was coming. But she was so silky smooth….

Things went on. Then things went fuzzy. A little.

Then the hand came on my shoulder.

I turned, slightly.

“The briefcase. The Operation wants it. We’ll take that.”

And so they did.


Olivia Roric is the femme fatale here.

We shot this a while back. It was taken on a cold February afternoon in an Irish bar, Muldoon’s, near Grand Central Terminal. 43rd and 3rd, NYC, I think. It was cold and a bit raw outside and this Irish bar was a good place to brush the chill off. Plus we were doing some still photography for the off-Broadway play Olivia was starring, a play called Two Detectives, and and which I was doing photography for.

The plan was for me to shoot Olivia at Grand Central Terminal but I wanted another set-up too. On the way to meet her, I passed the bar. Perfect, I though. I walked in and talked to the bar man. He was a good chap and said sure. Whatever I wanted. Gave me the run of the joint when we returned later that afternoon.

A few others were there. They were perhaps expecting a quiet mid-afternoon bracer. However, at Muldoon’s that day, it also came with a pretty gal vamping it up and me, behind the bar, with the camera, snapping away. It was a fun shoot and we both came away with some nice images for our portfolios.

It’s all just some Jersey Noir….

I was shooting with a 20D on this day, high ISO because of the low light (honestly a bar shouldn’t have anything other than low light). Finished in PS4, and did my own B&W conversion, prior to using Nik.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2010 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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