Quality Time

My views on winter are pretty well known.

I don’t like winter and winter don’t like me. I don’t like the biting wind when I walk my dogs, how that initial blast of cold air in the morning makes your eyes water and well, just cold in general.

I don’t get through winter. I endure it.

My Winterscape Gallery Series keeps my eyes open during the long, short days of winter.

But sometimes, something good comes out of winter. The other night, we had six inches of new snow fall. Not terribly a lot, but enough to close the work campus. After doing some work in the morning, me and a couple of the other fathers in my neighborhood took the kids sledding. Pretty fun time, and the first time I got to take Liv out to do that.

Of course, after about an hour or so, the cold has set in and we were ready to leave. Then – my girl! – said ” Dad, can we go to a diner?”

Who am I to refuse?

So we shook off the snow and headed out to the nearby Hamilton Diner. I was still toting the 50 mm….

Always a good day if I can spend some time with my little girl….in a New Jersey Diner.

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