JSP Featured

Pretty honored this past weekend. Top Canadian landscape photographer, Darwin Wiggett, featured me on his blog:

I had fun writing the piece that appears with the image too. Hey, anytime I can spread a little JerseyStyle…that’s a good day.

Darwin shoots some pretty amazing images – take a spin through his portfolio to see what I mean. I especially enjoyed viewing his 2010 Daily Snap gallery. Great images with small point-and-shoot cameras. Almost makes me want to do another 365 Project.

So thanks, Darwin, for honoring me with being added to your blog. And thanks to my friend Sabrina Henry for making this all happen!

© Mark V. Krajnak 2011 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “JSP Featured

  1. It was my pleasure Mark. I’ve been a fan of your Noir work for a long time and I really hope this exposure will lead more people see your work. Keep up the fabulous work!

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