Friday Noir: The Dark, Dark Hour

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The humidity.

That’s what you remember from that time, the humidity.

The way the air hung like a wet cloth on your face, suffocating you.

So warm, even the ice in the booze melted fast.

Too fast. It wasn’t even worth the effort to put the ice in the glass.

It just watered down the booze.

And who wants watered down juice?

Better to let the brown liquid slide down your throat, scratchy but solving.

Especially this time.

Hard to say how things got like this.

Hard to say where things will go next.

Or end up.

Just better to fill the glass again.

No ice.

A little different noir image this week.

No fedora. No gat. No smoke.

Just a guy deep in the throes of something. Something that went not right. Maybe the heist didn’t come off right. Maybe the partner got killed. Maybe the girl ran off with the partner and left him holding the bag.

Hard to say.

I shot this a couple of years ago, with my Canon 20D, in a little bungalow hotel in West Hollywood, a couple of blocks below Sunset Boulevard. As soon as I walked into it, it was like going back in time. Not back to ’40s or anything classic LA like that. But definitely back in time. That’s why I wanted the chair in the foreground and the light fixtures in the shot.

I had kept this image in color until I was able to use Nik to convert it to a B&W image that I was happy with.

Noir, to me, connotes a feeling of left of center, the other side of the line. Sometimes of desperation.

Oh, and the title of this image? Comes from a cool short video I came across this week, and I though the title fit this image. Recognize these actors? Within a year, one would be gaining fame on the smaller screen…the other would be dead.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2011 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS4 or PSE6 and Nik Software.


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