JSP Visual Week In Review | 12.11.11

A pretty busy week last week. Still processing a lot of the photos I shot last weekend in Asbury Park and a few days ago in New York. Also shot some new stuff for my noir concept series. Nothings starring the man in the fedora, but caught some scenes which will be fun to write some text around. Look for it in the new year.

Early last week, spent some time in the TV studio as we got to work on a “pilot” off the multimedia version of the annual report I’m working on. I still have to get it blessed by the execs, so I want to show them what it could look like. And I’m finally putting that scriptwriting class I took in college to good use.

Spent Wednesday to Friday in New York,and that was productive. Not only did I attend a good conference hosted by IBM (that THINK photo is from their conference center and is all around their buildings of course), I got the chance to meet up with some old friends too and.

While in NYC, I met up with Syl Arena in a midtown Irish Pub after his talk at B&H. I didn’t get the chance to see that, but we talked a lot of shop over Sheppard’s pie and pints. He’s a really good guy and not just all about Speedlighting. I’m trying to get him to revive his PixSYLated blog and post other shots that maybe are intrinsically Canon Speedlight related. We’ll see if I had any effect.

This week coming up should be interesting too. Joe McNally is doing a workshop at Adorama that I’m going to try to get to on Wednesday night. Then Thursday, I’ll be back in NYC to oversee a photoshoot with the executive director of the UNFPA. We scouted that last week and think we’ll try to make some magic happen in his corner office.

This week’s links:

* Speaking of Joe McNally, he has a new book out called Sketching Light. I wanted to include the link last week, but his blog was down. Got it now – Read more about it here.

* With phrases like his bony fingers dancing the mad dance of improvised jazz in a way that evoked a long life’s all and Sitting at Table 8, guarding the cafeteria piano beside him like a jealous lover I became an immediate fan of Dan Barry of the New York Times after reading this piece. And the photos and video from Todd Heisler are pretty great too.

* If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, the Morrison Hotel Gallery (a very cool photogallery in NYC if you ever get the chance to see it) is selling some cards to benefit at-risk animals. Check them out there – cool cards with pictures of rock stars and animals.


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