What I Watched

Multimedia continues to be a big part of the photography and photojournalism scene. I came across a number of compelling videos this past year – just wish I had bookmarked them all!

Here, though, are a feel I’d recommend watching if you have the time during this slow week between Christmas and New Year’s.

* Joe McNally’s Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later.

These are all really heartfelt to watch. Here’s Juano Lomi’s story, whom I got to meet at the one FGZ event:

* Daniel Milnor for Blurb Book.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel for a Sunday Focus back in April. His eye, his demeanor, his shooting style – I love it all. He’s definitely one documentary photographer that I love to follow. Check out other videos on his YouTube Channel.

*Deanna Fitzmaurice – Family Kocktail
It’s from a couple of years ago, but I just found it this year. I just love this storytelling.

Click here to see the video.

* 25 Years of Panos Pictures – Conversations in Photography

Conversations in Photography: 25 years of Panos Pictures from panos pictures on Vimeo.

* Chase Jarvis’ Youtube Channel
Basically anything here is a great watch.

There were a whole host of other videos that I found compelling this year, I’m sure. Gotta save those links and share more, especially as I try to incorporate more multimedia into the storytelling I do, both for my day job – and my passion.

What videos did you find compelling this year? Drop a link in the comments section.

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