JSP Visual Week In Review | 01.14.12

This week flew by for me. The day job kept me going bell-to-bell each day, as we’re one week closer to putting the annual report to print. Boo-yah.

More time was spent processing photos this week than shooting. I guess you have that sometimes. I worked hard to make that Goodis video a good one, and am pretty pleased with how it came out.

This week, too, I’ll be posting the slideshow I did for the Polar Bear Plunge. The group I shot that for was pretty happy, so I was too. Still, after doing that for three years now, it’s getting more challenging to put the camera in a new place. If I do it next year, I’ll really want to try to do something different. Not sure what that is yet.

That middle photo in the bottom row is of a shelf I have in my office. I decided to move some of the old cameras I collect from my basement – getting taken over by the kids – and use this shelf for display.

Remember last Sunday when I showed the two images I thought I’d be submitting to my company’s art show? As it turned out, the water shot just didn’t look good in the frame I had – too much stuff on the left and right of the frame, so it didn’t look good. At the last minuted, I decided to submit this photo instead. I titled it “Handful Of Summer.” We’ll see how it does.

What did you shoot this week? Pop a link in the comments. I’d love to see them.


This week’s links:

* An interesting read: The Death of Anticipation.

* B&H Photo recently posted, on YouTube, the talk that Syl Arena gave while in NYC in early December. You can watch it out here.

* Craig Ferguson, a travel and cultural photographer based in Taiwan, did a really cool set up called Taipai Noir. He gave me a nice shout out too.

* Last month, my buddy Ed Brydon, did a really nice set called “Holiday Displays of New York.” I thought it was a well-done personal project, inventive and nicely executed. Check it out.

This week, keep moving the chains….

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