JSP Visual Week In Review | 01.28.12

We had our first snow of the winter season two weekend (excluding that fluke one that hit us in October). Because of that, I was able to add a few new images to my Winterscape Gallery Series. Finishing up them this weekend, so hope to share them early next.

Otherwise, it was a busy week without too much shooting, actually, until late in the week. I like doing these visual week in reviews mosaics since they do help me reflect back on the week. So easy for it all to rush by us.

That “voucher in the mosaic this week was just a quick little design piece I did for my wife’s birthday on Thursday. I knew she didn’t want any “thing”. What she wanted, what every wife and mother of little kids wants, is peace and quiet for a few hours. So she can redeem the voucher for 36 hours away from the brood. Told her to pick a hotel in Philly or New York. Maybe one of her friends, or her sister, will join. But even if all she does is lay in a big comfy bed and do nothing, that’ll be fine. Heh.

The design firm I work with and I have been have a dastardly time trying to figure out how to get the hard drives they get from photographers (usually formatted for Mac) to work on the PC laptop I have at my job. I know it shouldn’t be this hard, but we just can’t get to the right configuration and with the annual report heading into the homestretch, I can’t be wasting time trying to figure a solution. So I opened a DropBox account this week; hopefully that will solve our problems.

What large-file sharing tool do you like to use? I’d be interested to know.

Oh, and the last update about the Employee Art Exhibit my job has…I got an honorable mention for the On The Pitch image shot in Kitui, Africa.

I wasn’t really happy, especially since I saw what won. But no time for sour grapes. You can’t please all the judges all the time. I’m already thinking about next year.


This Week’s Links:

* I don’t normally link to my own stuff, but if you didn’t see my review of Rear Curtain, Issue 1, check it out here. Then go get a copy!

* New Joe McNally video: On Location With The Nikon D4

* Texas-based photographer Jeff Lynch posted this awesome B&W image this week.

* Best quote of the week come’s from Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong, writing over on the Strobist blog: “Multi-light setups, gear reviews and lighting tricks are all worthwhile food for thought. But when people are looking back at your life’s work, will you be remembered for your lighting or for what you tried to tell the world with your camera? ”

All I can say is…. Yes! All that stuff if fun (or stress-inducing if you are like me) and important. But more importantly, just get out there and shoot.

Show me what you saw.

Tell me your story.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review | 01.28.12

  1. I really enjoy your week in review posts, Mark. While I usually always see the posts as they come in, it is more relaxing on the weekend to enjoy them again. Thanks again for your post on Rear Curtain. It is a true delight to be working with you on it.

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