Serving Up Memories

It’s been just under two years now that I’ve started some of the best experiences I get to do as a father:

Going to a diner with my kid(s).

It was back in March 2010, that I started this. That day, as Liv and I were heading down to Asbury Park, we stopped in at the Roadside Diner for a bite to eat.

It was our little bonding time, time to share something together. Of course, I had my camera along.

Fast-forward to now…and it ain’t just me and Liv anymore.

Now, we’re a pack. Liv takes the lead, confidently walking us in, mightily trying to open the doors. Chase trundles along, dutifully following his big sister. Dad pulls up the rear, car seat in hand, purple baby bag over the shoulder.

Most people smile when they see me and my pack coming. I’m sure, though, there are some rolling of the eyes and silent “Oh Lords” being thought too.

This past weekend, since we all had to be out of the house due to an open house (yes, we have our up for sale. Hoping to find more yard space for the growing family), we had to keep busy. Mom stayed back to spruce things up. I had a few things in mind for me and the kids, but it all culminated at the diner lunch.

Since we were in the New Brunswick area, we headed south down Route 18, swung through the jug handle, then turned and headed north again. We landed at the Colonial Diner.

Think this was the third or fourth diner for Chase. He’s definitely graduated from being balanced on my knee, to a high chair, to just a booster seat now.

Liv makes sure to get the crayons to draw while we wait for the fries – always fries – and food to arrive. Chase, sippy cup with milk by his side, scribbles as well. Matty, he just nestles in his car seat next to me in the booth. Usually asleep.

Later on, my wife would ask me what we all talk about at these diner events.

“I don’t know…just how the day is going…and who wants some of my pickles or cole slaw…” (both want the pickles, just Liv on the cole slaw, for now).

Liv and Chase, they love the change of scenery and checking everything – and everyone – out.

Like I said, this is one of the best things I do with them as a father. The diners may run together, but the memories won’t.

These too are the stories in my head.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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