JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.18.12

It was a busy week, but one in which I really didn’t that much shooting.

Actually, I did do some in the evening, but the results weren’t even worth sharing. Need to fine-tune some thing to get the images I want I want of some things I’m looking at.

Vague enough for you? Yeah, thought so.

That image of me and Matty above is just a fun one. He likes to be in the baby bjorn and as I was walking around the house last weekend, he was giving me some smiles. He’s a good little guy, though. Usually quiet, always smiling. Hard to believe he’ll be four months old this coming week. Need to do some more pics of him and the other two kids.

The annual report project I’ve been working on since last June goes to print in about 10 days. I’ll be headed to Kentucky for that – staying in Cincinnati, though, right over the border. So much to do before ink hits paper though. And this week, I actually spent time in front of the camera to do a video version of the report. We’ll post it to YouTube when the time comes; And I’ll share it here….such is the life of the next Anderson Cooper.

Looking forward to this upcoming long weekend. Hope to clear my head of work stuff, see some friends, and spend time with the family.


This Week’s Links…

* One of my favorite places in Asbury Park, the legendary Stone Pony, is celebrating its 38th Anniversary this weekend. If the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame wasn’t put in Cleveland, there’s a legitimate case for it to be in Asbury Park, pretty much because of The Stone Pony. From Springsteen to The Ramones to The Stray Cats to dozens of artists “on their way” up, The Stone Pony has seen them all. Whenever I go there, it’s like the Sistine Chapel of rock ‘n roll. So, Happy Birthday Stone Pony.

* A review of my buddy Syl Arena’s new book, Light and Lighting.

* A very interesting read here – how do we reform our media diets?

* Another cool post from my buddies Joe McNally and Drew Gurain – Shooting Video with the Nikon D4.

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