JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.25.12

This week was all about making decision, pushing, nudging, and getting things done.

The long project I’ve been working on at work will culminate next week in Florence, Kentucky. We’ll finally put ink to paper and 1.3 million copies of the annual report I’ve been working on since last June finally roll.

And I’ll celebrate with some good Kentucky bourbon and one of the tastiest rib-eye steaks I know.

Well, at least I hope I will. Barring any unforeseen issues, that is…

Been debating about taking the 50D on the trip, or just the S95. Think I’ll take both, though. I may want to do some night shots in Cincinnati, where I’ll be staying, and I just think the 50D would be better for that. We’ll see.

Also hope to do some nice portraits at the printers. It’s a cool place, at least to me. Thinking B&W.

Did some portraits of my kids this week, some night photography around town, and finished the week with a portrait session. Turned a tough, unattractive location into something that worked, I think. That capped a project I’ve been working on since last October. I’ll share it soon.


This Week’s Links…

* Banksy pays tribute to The Simpsons.

* A few days ago was February 22. In 1980, on that date, something big happened.

* From DP Preview, a review of Vivan Maier, Street Photographer. I think I’m still on Vivan Maier overload, however.

* In the New Yorker, the father of Daniel Pearl, and his poem about his son. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years.

Next week, expect lots of shots from Cincy and Kentucky. Time to hit the road for a bit.

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