Dispatches: Vertical Cincy

I’m a horizontals type of guy.

I like to shoot for the masthead, the billboard. I see the wide picture. Like to run my photos big, across two pages.

Double-truck, as they say.

Yet, when I was walking around Cincinnati proper a few weeks ago…I was in a vertical state of mind.

Not sure why, but things, just looked really tallllll to me.

I guess, maybe, some of these would make a nice right or left column photo. So while I think I’ll keep shooting for that two-page spread…

There is something nice about one of those tall pictures…

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

One thought on “Dispatches: Vertical Cincy

  1. Hey Mark, I know what you mean! I know someone, a photojournalist, who abhors verticals. However, I feel you should photograph what moves you, and how it does so, if it just so happens to be verticals this time, then so be it! These look great, there’s definitely more to explore. I have been very attracted to vertical landscapes recently myself. It all started last year when I was looking at some beautiful Mongolian and other Asian art at the Met. In the fall i decided to experiment a bit with it, particularly in Central and Prospect Park. You may have seen the posts. I definitely want to explore it more in vast natural landscapes and urban settings. For some things though, it doesn’t work, at least in my mind. Maybe that’s due to intent.

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