JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.31.12

So, here we are, at the last day of March. How did it go for you?

I started the month finishing up one of the biggest projects of my career, in Cincinnati.

I finish it up today heading down to Camden, New Jersey. Were off to the Camden Aquarium, to start a three-day birthday weekend celebration for my soon-to-be five year old, Olivia. (She hits the milestone on Monday, actually).

It was a pretty good month, though. The big project got finished, I did some new conceptual photography, put together a new photo slideshow, discovered a few new websites and blogs that stoke the creativeness.

This past week at work, I was processing and cataloging a lot of photos (not mine), helping to fulfill some requests for images (one of mine, in fact) that will be used in signage down at the TedMED convention in April, and talking with photographers in Chile, Vietnam and Moscow. Looking forward to working with them in the near future.

Sometimes – often, actually – I love my job.

Joe McNally has said that it’s not a camera, it’s a visa. It takes us places. Yes, yes it does. But my camera, and this passion, has also allowed me to meet some really wonderful, big-hearted people in this great world. Whether it’s other photographers, or people that I’ve met because of my camera…I’m honored to know them. This past month, the’ve really reinforced the goodness of people out there. They make me want to give back as well.

The images above were shot with the Blackberry camera photo, the 50D, the S95. A good mix this week. Shooting with whatever is on me.

That’s the point, right?


This Week’s Links:

* Over at the Luceo blog, a good interview with the 2011 SPA winner, Maddie McGarvey.

* Another good, thought-provoking post by Kevin Garmen at Luceo.

* A great interview read with David Burnett.

* A lot of people know Mark Bowden as the guy who wrote Blackhawk Down. Here’s a really good piece, The Man Who Broke Atlantic City.

* Beautiful, this…The Birth Of A Book

April’s here. Get after it. And don’t forget to backup up your first three months of work!

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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