JSP Visual Week In Review | 04.08.12

Birthdays and Baseball took up the early part of last week. My first born, and little girl, Olivia, celebrated her fifth birthday last Monday, but we celebrated it all last weekend.

Monday evening, as part of her day, she and I went down to Philly, and took in the Phillies game. It was an exhibition game, but we have fun all the same.

Shot some new noir this week as well, after finding a pretty cool location. One of the new ones was posted last Friday. I’ll have more coming from that session – it was pretty rich.

My eyes are always open for new locations. Some, like this one was, are a little risky. I wasn’t trespassing, exactly, but I’m sure there would have been questions.

In addition to the noir-themed shots, I clicked off a few others ones as well. That B&W of the silos, above, was one of those. I really like shooting against a blue sky, coverting the image to B&W in Nik, and also using a red filter on whatever preset I choose. That red filter darkens the sky, and brings out nice detail.

By the way, that image was shot with my Canon S95. Lovin’ that little gal.


This week’s links:

* Chris Crisman’s BTS of his cover shoot with the Phillies Hunter Pence for Philadelphia magazine.

* Seattle’s Mark Olwick posted a pretty cool Holga shot of the Empire State Building. Mark was recently in NYC to attend a gallery showing.

* Lawrence Block is a writer of crime fiction. Back in 1981, he wrote a pretty good discourse on how to make a living as a writer. Change “writer” to “photographer”…and you’ll see similarities.

* Just a wonderful photo essay from Michael Keaton over on the NY Times Lens blog.

* Love this new Boardwalk Empire trailer.

* Also from TV, some beautiful BTS Mad Men set images from James Minchin.

Happy Easter, everyone. Get after it this week!

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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