JSP Visual Week In Review | 04.14.12

Kind of a funny week. Started off last Sunday, Easter, and me and the boys met my wife and Liv at my aunt’s house in Pennsylvania. Met my parents and other relatives up there as well.

I lived in the past for the next few days. 1940’s-era cars and drive-in theaters. My aunt’s house, that’s about 100 years old I believe. Thinking about the past, living in the present.

Made a number of clicks up there – some that I posted this past week, some only that I’d like, and some that are for my family since they would like them. Sometimes we shoot what others want, sometimes we shoot what others like – but always shoot for yourself first.

The rest of the week was quiet. Didn’t shoot that much, but did some scouting of places that I may get back to for various conceptual pieces.

Later on in the week, the clouds were cool, or the light was nice, and I did bag some shot.

Had a seminal “dad” moment too this week: Running behind, holding the seat as Liv tries to learn the two-wheeler.

She learned a bit about gravity, too.

Read a great quote this week: “The images are out there – the light is out there – we just have to go and grab it.”Andy Katz

Pretty much sums it up, no?


This Week’s Links:

* I’m a little late to these, I guess, but just this week found VII Photo Agency Visual Seminars. Caught some of Ron Haviv’s this week on my lunch break. Definitely need to catch up.

* From the Wall Street Journal: Selling You On Facebook. Why I’m not a huge Facebook fan.

* My friend David Spira, aka The Geek Whisper, had an interesting post about three screen convergence. He left out those of us that may have a camera LCD screen going, too…

* This has made the rounds, but in case you’ve missed it…Cain’s Arcade

* Happy Birthday, Robert Doisneau.

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