Tearsheet: Main Street Casket Shop

This has got to be one of the more unique tearsheets I’ve garnered:

Last month, when I was in Cincinnati, I had some free time and was walking around the city. Had both my 50D with me, but also the S95 as I really wanted to test it out some more.

Cincy is a nice little city, with a lot of art deco accents on the buildings. Just a lot of classic looking building which I’m sure have a lot of history to them.

As I was walking up Main Street (weird to be walking up Main Street in a big city…), I looked across the street and saw this really interesting looking storefront. Not just because of the name of the business – Main Street Caskets – but because of the clean exterior design of the whole building.

And because I had been having some fun using the “miniature” function on the S95, I snapped some of Main Street Caskets.

After dusting it a bit in Photoshop, this was my final frame:

A few days later I posted it to my Flickr account. Very shortly after that, Eric Lusain, the proprietor, contacted me about using it on his website.

I was surprised he found it so quickly. Actually, I was surprised he found it at all. Then he said he found it on Google. Like any good businessman, I’m sure he does regular web searches on and about his business. And I had the photo tagged correctly so that it showed up in his search. SEO is everything.

The images make a nice banner header on his website, so I’m glad he found it, and is giving JSP the photo credit.

Better yet, if I get back to Cincinnati next year, we’ve agreed to get together. I’d love to hear more about his business – make that businesses – and perhaps do a photo essay on Eric and he Main Street Casket Shop.

(I could have said I was dying to do a photo essay on Main Street Caskets…but I didn’t. See, I can leave some on the table…)

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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