Dispatches: A Walk Along Nanchang Road

It’s been almost a year and a half since I was in Shanghai, and still I go back to those images from that visit.

The names of the folders on my hard drive are sparse, but they get me in the general direction of where I want to go:

I was thinking recently about a particular shot I made while my friend, Stephen Doyle, and I took a few hours to walk along Nanchang Road. It was a shot of a some motorcycles outside a tattoo shop, the one that leads off this post.

That lead me back to that afternoon, to the shop we had lunch at, where no one spoke English and we took photos of the courses on the menu with our smartphones to show the people out at the counter what we wanted.

After lunch, we continued our walk, stopping in little shops here and there, but just generally checking out the scene.

Some places…some people…you just don’t forget.

We worked our way down through the French Concession, eventually ending up at the little market shops and stalls that make up the area.

That, though, is a post for another day…

Photo By Stephen Doyle

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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