Friday Noir: The Big Mock-Up

A little different Friday Noir post today. You’ve seen this image before…

Well, prior to shooting and posting this, I had gotten an email from an author, Bard Constantine. He’s working on a new noirish novel called The Troublemaker and liked a number of my images as a potential cover.

I had this exchange in mind when I shot this so, as you can see, I left plenty of room that a designer could, well, design around.

To give Bard an idea of how this image could be used, I decided to a rough mock-up of the cover for him:

He seemed to like it and has it featured on on Mick’s Facebook page.

This is something to keep in mind if you wish you images to be used as magazine or book covers, or with articles. We all like to shoot tight, but if you think it may get used in print, keep enough environment in the image. This way, the art designer can run headline or fit where it needs to go.

So, a little different Friday Noir this Friday. Hope you enjoyed it.

Wait…you didn’t? Don’t get all in a lather. Next week, there’ll be another image and some more hardboiled writing.

Don’t like it? Well quite yer yappin’ and keep it to yourself.

Or you’ll be looking down the business end of ol’ Betsy…

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Friday Noir: The Big Mock-Up

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