JSP Visual Week In Review | 04.28.12

Wellll…that was quite a week I just had. For a few reasons. Most will be explained in tomorrow’s post, so you’ll just have to stop back.

Got some shooting in…a old garage that looked good in B&W; a grand old teetering building in New Brunswick that was asking for the Holga filter in my Nik Silver palate; an industrial coffee machine in; and some cool New Jersey landscapes.

As I went back through this week’s files, I see I landed on the B&W side of things a lot. Maybe that was a precursor to my Thursday…but again, you’ll have to stop back tomorrow to hear about all that.

Guess it all started with that photo of Chase I posted on Monday. Looked nice in color, but I saw something else in my end, and loved the end result.

Sometimes you just have to go where that eye in your head takes you.

Oh, yeah, the other big thing from this week…I had a birthday and turned Jackie Robinson’s jersey number.

Like I said…stop back tomorrow…good story, I think…

This Week’s Links:

* What a photo essay: Life In Appalachia

* The photographers from Luceo Images keep inspiring me with their great story telling. Helluva piece by Matt Eich and an equally great one by Kendrick Brinson.

* Whew. What an introspective post by Seattle photographer Mark Olwick.

* Another good photographer and online friend, Stuart Sipahigil had a nice week too…published another book!

* Downloaded some really nice music this week. Check it out.

* If you’re ever in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and have the urge for good steaks….Steakhouse 85 is your joint.

* “The moment a man begins to talk about technique that’s proof that he is fresh out of ideas.”- Raymond Chandler

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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