JSP Visual Week In Review | 05.05.12


Four months done in 2012 already. What have you done with it?

Taken some shots? Written some blog posts? Made any photo books?

Recorded life?

I didn’t shoot every day this week. Took some snappies, really, rather than making images. It is what it is.

Then again, maybe I made some photos.*

I’m working on two photo books right now, one personal, one for work. I hope they both work out, for different reasons of course.

Been watching a couple of series that keeps me visually motivated…the new series of Mad Men…and one on Starz called Magic City. Both are beautifully shot and visually interesting. (Mad Men makes more sense though, honestly.)

Both feature skinny ties and gangsters. Go figure.

Only have one book going right now, an old detective fiction novel by called The Greene Murder Case by SS Van Dine. Think I picked it up at an old NYC bookstore for a buck a few months ago.

And, the week ended on a couple of sad notes. The apparent suicide of Junior Seau, a football player whom I watched while growing up. And the death of Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys. He was only 47, and was diagnosed with a cancerous salivary gland in his neck several years ago.

It’s just kind of weird. I remember being in high school, and listening to the Beastie Boys License To Ill many, many times. I also listened to a lot Guns ‘N Roses. To think that MCA would pass before Axl Rose or Slash or, frankly, any of the Gunners, it’s just mind-boggling. From what I read, though, MCA, especially, was a socially conscious dude, with a lot of deep thoughts and views on on heavy topics.

Sounds like he tried to make the most of his time….

This Week’s Links:

* Want to shoot better photo essays? Read this. Fantastic.

* An incredible recap by photographer Flemming Bo Jensen. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

* Need some Canon glass? Double Rebates now happening.

* The History of Photography, pixelated.

* Why Instagram Is Terrible For Photographers….

* Back home in New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to recently passed Levon Helm with his rendition of The Weight.

* “You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them.” -Elliott Erwitt

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