JSP Visual Week In Review | 05.19.12

All around the horn, this was a pretty good week.

* Mother’s Day was Sunday.
* Leslie and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary on Tuesday
* My parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary on Wednesday
* And my son Chase turned 2 on Thursday

Ironically…or not…I converted most of what I shot into B&W. Not sure why, exactly. Just seemed liked how that’s how they looked in my head, so I went with it.

And, I had a creative surge. Lots of shooting this week, which felt good. Seemed like my eyes were open a lot.

And, it looks like a new personal project was born: Working On The Highway (slideshow)

Also, the packing/deconstruction of the house continues. Our move to the new place happens in about two weeks. Clock is ticking, papers being signed, coming in for a closing.

A summer adventure awaits…


This Week’s Links:

* According to editor Matthew Connors…the second issue of Rear Curtain is ready to drop.

* To: New York City. From: Gordon Parks

* Looking for light and texturesome nice work by Matt Eich of LUCEO Images.

* Eddie Adams: 25 Years of Barnstorming

* Showmanship: A great piece of ad lib from Johnny Carson.

* What I listened to for much of the week.

* “Daily photojournalism is about your backyard. It’s about taking time to know your community and commit to telling its stories.”John Tully

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