Express Delivery

I don’t “do” the whole HDR thing too much. In moderation, I like how it looks but I don’t really use any of the HDR process tools out there.

Sometimes, though, certain images just scream for it. Last night, I was going through some image files from earlier this year, and I came upon a set I never really looked at.

Shot this on a Sunday in January, after we had just put our house on the market. There was an open house scheduled so we all had to evacuate. Think my wife went shopping, so I was out with the kids. I had to go into work to get some AR-related files, and then we decided to go to a local park in New Brunswick.

Too cold, no one was having any fun. So, while the kids warmed up, I drove around a bit, and happened to find this old building. Loved the grayness and the vines offset by the Express Delivery sign.

Last night, I opened up the file in PS6 and then ran it through the Nik Color Efex Pro > Tonal Contrast filter a couple of times.

Gave me the look I was hoping for with this one.

It’s a bit more than how I normally process my images, and I’ll generally leave that HDR stuff to the ones that do it best.

But sometimes it’s just fun to achieve a desired effect with an image.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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