From The Archives: A Little Honky Tonk

‘Cause everyone can use a little honky tonk in their lives now and again.

I was going through from photo files from one last fall. One of the things I’m not really good at is organizing my photos for an easy search, especially if I haven’t processed the image yet and given it a name.

So, that means I sometimes have to go through each folder in the general timeframe to find what I’m looking for.

Sometimes I cringe at what’s in those folders.

Why the HELL did I shoot that?

And so many times at that?

But then sometimes I also come across images that I’ve slightly forgotten about. Or the months have moved on and I’ve forgotten to go back and process them.

This image, though, I remembered. And as I looked at it again, I thought it would make a fine addition to a new gallery I started on my Zenfolio portfolio site, Hell On Wheels (slideshow)

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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