Americana, North Jersey Style

People hear you say “North Jersey” and they immediately think Newark, Jersey City, the airport, and the tunnels.

I know I do.

I often forget there’s some really pretty spaces of North Jersey, namely where I spent a couple of days for for last week, Sussex County. It’s the northernmost county in New Jersey, but just about 32 miles or so from New York City.

That first shot above? Yeah, saw a lot that while I was driving. Green corn, not quite ready to be picked and walled in by four sides of forest. Only the black and yellow of the asphalt divided it.

I was on a bit of a time crunch getting to where I had to go on Wednesday, but I kept seeing all these great “Americana” type views outside my window. On the way back home, though, despite it being mid-afternoon, I knew I had to stop and burn some pixels.

There was the classic “red barn” Americana (see above), but also that type of Americana that is rural in a different way, too.

Even had to roll out the Nik Silver Holga filter for the typical “rolled hay bales” shot.

Yes, there certainly was that old-style Americana around every turn…

Well…unless you turned the corner up on North Church Road and came upon the Sussex County Technical School. I thought I slipped through the time and space continuum and ended up at a mini-EPCOT.

It was a really nice place to visit and I wouldn’t mind getting back up that way to explore it some more.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


One thought on “Americana, North Jersey Style

  1. Tahnsk for that slice of NJ-style Americana, perfect week for it too! I’ve played at one of the Crystal Springs courses too, I think it was Black Bear.

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