JSP Visual Week In Review | 07.07.12

July hit us hard here in the Great State of New Jersey. We’ve been at 95 degrees or above this whole past week. Today, Saturday, it’s supposed to hit 100 with high humidity.


All that heat takes some of the starch out of you. I shot a bit this week, but not a lot. Last Wednesday, we celebrated the 4th of July here, a weird mid-week holiday where my job was just closed for that day. My parents also visited for a few days, so it was nice to spend time with them, show them the new house, and drive them around the surrounding area.

I also shot a short video this weekend, but I can’t show it till later in the month. Check back for it then. *wink*


This Week’s Links:

* One of the best Hank Aaron photos I’ve ever seen.

* My buddy, Ed Brydon, a Brit in Brooklyn, showed some really nice 4th of July photos. I love the last one especially.

* Futbol, by Flemming Bo Jensen.

* Just found out about Ian Shive, a nature conservation photographer who’s originally from the area I now live in. Very nice work!

* Eric Meola, he of photographing Springsteen, and his travel images.

* Speaking of travel photography, here’s a good read about how not to fall into the “travel porn” trap. I know I have…

* The Lindbergh Kidnapping solved?

* Back to Springsteen, in this clip from Paris, Bruce, at the 4:18 mark, brings new meaning to Bring Your Daughter To Work. Proud pappa, very cool.

* “What is crucial is not technical ability, but imagination.” – E.O. Wilson


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