JSP Visual Week In Review | 07.14.12

So you made it through Friday the 13th, did you?

(Did you know that Friday the 13th is linked to the Knights Templar? Me neither, till I saw it on a History Channel program.)

The Great State of New Jersey and our region is headed for another heatwave starting today. That’s not good news because, as I read this week, the worst drought in 25 years is overtaking the United State.

We had a brief respite this week, not quite as humid, but you still knew it was summer. I was able to shoot a couple of new strangers this week for my personal project, shot a beautiful old car, and also photographed a very old historical – a stagecoach trunk from about the 1880’s (up top, bottom row, middle). Pretty cool.

Today, though, it’ll be busy. We’re having a BBQ at the new old homestead later today so I have a lot to do around the place before our guests arrive.

Of course, you’re all invited too…Just bring beer.


This Week’s Links:

* If you’re a fan of the great Edgar Allan Poe, he now has an app.

* LA’s boomtown, as captured by C.C. Pierce.

* The Chicago Tribune’s Scott Strazzante on sports photography (video).

* Like Ice Cube says, Ya gotta have a plan….

* Daniel Minor with episode 10 of The Leica Files.

* A 24-year-old Bruce Lee auditions for The Green Hornet.

* Tom Waits.

* “Photography is a subtle thing. You must let the camera take you by the hand, and lead you into your subject.” ~ Margaret Bourke-White

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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