JSP Visual Week In Review | 07.21.12

In the past couple of days, I heard or read that “we are in the dog days of summer.”

Really? I know it’s been hot but, traditionally, I thought the dog days were in August. Did they move it up a month without telling us?

In any case, yes, it was hot again here in New Jersey this week. Finally broke around Thursday with some rain, then we had steady rain all day on Friday.

Normally I wouldn’t mind, but my wife finally got to take a trip (to Florida to see her granny and aunt) and she left Friday morning. That means it’s just me, the three kids and two dogs till late Monday. A rain day kills me – my kids like to be outside and active.

Wasn’t too bad though. We got through it, then had a brilliant day in Asbury Park today.

Speaking of dog days, looks like I’m headed into some dog days at work. This week, I had to pull the plug on a story I was hoping to work on with with José Azel and his team from Novus Select. Also, it looks like we’ll be taking a different turn with the annual report next year, and won’t be doing the big print run as we normally do. I’m already not looking forward to that call I have to have with the printer’s rep.

Personally, I shot some new Workin’ On The Highway images, and also some new conceptual stuff with guns and fedoras….


This Week’s Links:

* This guys shoots some killer car images.

* I couldn’t have picked Donald J. Sobol out of a lineup, but I was saddened to hear that he passed away. Encyclopedia Brown was a favorite book series of mine. Two-Minute Mysteries, too.

* I’m not a big comic book guy, but I love this “fan” short YouTube film based on The Punisher starring Thomas Jane. Love how it’s shot, love how it’s violent, love that he did it because he’s a fan. Not suitable for work, if there are little kids or grandmothers around, or clergy.

* Been reading a little of this book every morning while my work computer boots up. Picked it up for $7 on a Barnes & Noble sale rack. A steal. Very suitable for work. So inspiring, too.

* In April, I had the fortune of hiring and working with David Burnett. We’ve kept in touch since, trading emails on what he’s working on, etc. The NY Times Lens blog did an interview with him this week.

* Also from the Burnett file, Joe McNally this week posted a very sweet portrait of David and his lovely wife, Iris. Guess they are going to be neighbors.

* Speaking of Joe…it’s his birthday this Friday….shhhh! But if you’re on Twitter or a fan of his on Facebook, send him some wishes. I can’t believe I’ve known him 13 years already.

* If you’re interested in photojournalism, you gotta check out this post by Daniel Milnor and how he works a scene.

* From Feature Shoot, love this interview with Platon and Dylan McDermott (yeah, the actor guy).

* “…I made the first frame, and I forgot to focus the camera…” ~ Bill Eppridge on his RFK photo at the Ambassador hotel.


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