JSP Visual Week In Review | 07.28.12

Then there were five

Just like that *poof* July is gone too.

Five more months left in 2012, the year rushing by like a semi passing me out on the New Jersey Turnpike.

This week was very domestic for me. Took a vacation day last Monday as I was still watching my kids while my wife was away. Then had to work from home on Wednesday as we had to have the pump for our well replace. More expense post-new-house buy. Good thing we have some in reserve.

Saw some spectacular storms race across our skies; I love those summer storms, as long as they don’t bust too much up. This evening, weather permitting, we’ll head out to the Monmouth County Fair, which is usually a fertile photography ground.

I’ll try not to eat to much.

Look out, August, here we come.


* Fleming Bo Jensen with a fantastic blog post and images.

* A classic LIFE photoessay from Larry Burrows: One Ride With Yankee Papa 13.

* We’ve all been there. What To Do When Your Creativity Fails. A must-read from Texas photographer Jeff Lynch.

* A very good long read (really long) piece on Springsteen in the July 23 edition of The New Yorker.

* “Always try to get your camera in a new place.” ~ Joe McNally (who just celebrated his birthday on July 27).

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