Tearsheet: The Troubleshooter In My Hands

This past weekend, I got a package in the mail.

A plain brown wrapper kind of package.

No, not that kind of package. Get your minds out of the gutter, kids.

Instead, this was a nice care package from Bard Constantine, which contained two copies of his recently published novel, The Troubleshooter.

And a very nice inscription in one of the books.

I know I’ve mentioned this in the near past, but having the book in my hands really made it real. There’s just something about the printed cover and page that is exciting. And, its always nice to add to the bookshelf.

Much thanks, again, to Bard for finding my work on the World Wide Web and reaching out to me to collaborate on the cover. And thanks, too, to the incredible artist/designer Stefan Prohaczka. He really made it all come together. He has a handle on “things from the past” like no other that I’ve come across. Pretty hard to believe he lives in 2012. Check out his site for more of his amazing retro work.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship….

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Tearsheet: The Troubleshooter In My Hands

  1. Really proud that you worked with me on this, Mark. One thing’s for sure -it’s just the first of at least a few more to come. So you know that we’ll have to do it again…

  2. Most of the time, things don’t happen.
    They just don’t, no matter how hard you try.

    But sometimes, they do happen. They really do.

    First, you have this writer reaching out for you to design what you thought will be just another book cover. And it turns out that the above mentionned writer is Bard Constantine – a name you guys have to remember – that he has the literary talent of Raymond Chandler, that he is the sweetest, most sensitive, intelligent person you’ve come across lately and, well… that you just love his books.

    The man, though, has scouted a photographer of his own, the work of he wants you to use for the cover artwork. You frown a bit, then and you begin to wonder. That sort of compulsory figure, for a graphic designer, may be tricky at times.

    Not when the photographer is Mark Krajnak, though and that, to your own disbelief, you discover his work, his talent, his incredible eye… wondering how comes you’ve skipped him so far. You realize, then, how privileged you are to work from such quality material and, as soon as you’ve begun to know, even just a bit more, the man behind his great work, you suddenly understand that this is your lucky day.

    Like beauty which is in the eye of the viewer, Noir is in Mark’s eye. Noir is something from the inside. Not just a bunch of worn out old clichés… the hard boiled blonde, the fedora, the artsy-fartsy rays of light through the blind. Mark got this better than anyone else: what he lays his eye on – or the lens of his camera – instantly screams Noir to you. Mark squeezes the Noir essence out of your everyday life and environment, out of the dullest things and people around you. Incredible how it suddenly makes your own life more thrilling. God bless him for such a gift he so generously shares.

    So now, just like Bard, I’m left with no other option than… to do it again. Hope and pray for that. Possibly make it happen myself.

    I think I’m addicted.

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