Weekend Shot(s): Diner Time

It was another hot, humid weekend here in the Great State of New Jersey. Seems like that’s the title for this summer, with a subtitle having something to do with the strong storms that lash across the state.

Saturday, I had two of the three Kraj Kids so I took them out on a paddle boat at the Turkey Swamp Park Lake. Wasn’t as good of an idea as I thought because, man, it was hot out there. And I was doing all the paddling – well, pedal paddling.

After de-boating, we still had a good time, walking some of the trails, looking at all the creepy crawly things. Then it was off to lunch at a diner that was on the way home, the delightfully retro JB’s Diner.

There are some diners that are just plain old in New Jersey. They are retro without even trying to be. JB’s was built in 1980 so while it’s been around, it’s not like it’s been there forever. Still, it was a pretty fun little joint.

If you’ve been coming around these JSP parts for awhile, you know I love doing the diner thing with my kids, first Olivia, and now Chase, too.

Liv always fits right in, being a little goofy but generally getting it. Chase, well, he’s taking a little more work. Not bad, mind you. Just have to keep your eye on him a bit more.

JB’s was fun, though, definitely steeped in the retro tradition. Working jukebox playing Buddy Holly, shelves lined with models of hot rods, James Dean posters. More kitschy than classic, but fun.

The kids split some chicken fingers, I had my standard triple-decker turkey club sandwich. We all split the fries and the pickles. And the camera was out, documenting this time with my kids.

Good times…

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

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