Dispatches: The County Fair ’12

On my third attempt of the summer, I finally got the chance to hit one of the local county fair last week during my vacation.

Going to a fair, for me, is a target-rich photographic environment. I get more excited to go there than my kids, I think. My palms get sweaty, my shutter button finger gets twitchy. I’m rarin’ to go.

One of my most favorite photoessays was done at a fair a couple of summers ago:

Unfortunately, this summer, with Fair #1, we just never made it there. We were going to go to Fair #2, but then a wicked summer storm swept in and closed it down a day early.

(There was also another fair nearby – like a 1/2 mile from my house – but we boycot that one. Pay to park AND to get in AND for each ride? C’mon…)

Finally, though, we made it to the Middlesex County Fair two Sundays ago. Still, it wasn’t without adventure.

Through some bad intel, we thought the fair was closing at four. So we packed everyone up to get over there around 2 p.m. Not optimum – it was hot, sun was high and brutal. I like to go in the early evening, when the light is golden and nice. Still, I kept my eyes open and tried to take it all in.

B&W just seems to work best.

Like I said, our intel was incorrect. Fair didn’t close till 7. I could have been there for some nice light. Oh well. We packed the sweaty, tired kids back into the minivan and that was that. Time to turn our attention to the pumpkin picking and corn mazes that are just around the corner.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


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