Friday Noir: Trouble Shoot

People need people.

To get stuff done.

To interject.

To cajole.

To amend.

To support.

To verify.


Plenty of mugs out there that say they can do it.

Only a few have the screws to get it done.

And that’s the point, right?

To get it done.

Whatever IT is, yes?


Or, ah,…loudly.

Just get it done.

Trouble shoot.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Trouble Shoot

  1. Keep ’em coming! So glad you keep finding inspiration for this series and didn’t stop it. Love this one, the photo strikes the perfect balance of tension and the words echo it delicately. Capiche?

  2. It’s hard to decide what I enjoy best, the image or the words. Good thing I don’t have to choose. Some serious competition ahead for Bard, in my opinion…

  3. Bard, Steffan, thanks so much for the comments. It’s always interesting to see what image resonates with people. Wasn’t sure this one was going to.

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