Photo A, Photo B, Or….

I don’t enter many photo contest.

For a number of reason – Either I don’t want to pay the submission fee. Or I just get informed of them, then forget about them and miss the deadlines. Or I just talk myself off the ledge and think “You ain’t gonna win anyway…”

But I recently, in our local weekly newspaper, I heard about a photo contest. This one is staged by the Freehold Soil Conservation District. The district has been serving Middlesex and Monmouth Counties (I live in Monmouth County) since 1938, with a focus on promoting sound soil and water conservation.

With this photo contest, they are looking for local photographers to capture subjects promoting the beauty and uniqueness of the natural environments…. Wildlife, landscapes, natural resources, agriculture, waterscapes and conservation practices are all suitable subjects. All photos need to be taken in the Middlesex or Monmouth Counties (which means, unless he made a trip to NJ that I don’t know about, I don’t have to worry about Jeff Lynch entering….)

Since moving to our new house in early June, I do feel a closer connection to the themes that the FSCD supports. Though we only moved about 11 miles from our other house, and we do live in a small 20-home horseshoe-shaped enclave, we are certainly more rural now than I ever have been. I’m surrounded by corn and soybean fields, Christmas tree and sod farms. Seeing deer or foxes on the drive home isn’t unheard of. Seeing horses while driving along no longer even excite my kids (tractors still hold fascination for Chase, though.)

What else do I see a lot of? The linear irrigation systems that water these large fields farms. I see them on the drive to work, I see them on the drive home. They are monsterous units that are many football fields long. From maximizing watering areas and crop production, to watering different soil types differently to managing labor costs, these systems, to me, represent agriculture in New Jersey.

Plus they look cool. Like some Orsen Wellian-alien landed in a field.

So, for a few weeks, I’ve been trying to get a good shot of these systems for the contest. It hasn’t been easy. Sometime they aren’t angled right, or the conditions don’t work. Even harder is to get a shot when they are spraying.

One of the options that I like is the above shot, Photo A. I also did a B&W conversion and like that as well. A little more dramatic.This is Photo B.

I’d also toyed with submitting the general farm or outdoor or beach scene too. They, too, speak to the FSCD’s themes.

Hit me up with your thoughts what direction you think I should take, either about these images or a new direction. The deadline for submission isn’t until mid-October so I still have time to comb through my files, or shoot something new.

Or, if none of them work, let me know that too. I probably ain’t gonna win anyway…..

© Mark V. Krajnak 2012 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Photo A, Photo B, Or….

  1. I’m really torn between the two ( A and B). I like A, but B gives me a nostalgic feeling. I think the people viewing would go for “A”… WOW! I almost sound like a politician. 🙂


  2. I share the same sentiments regarding writing contests, lol. That being said, the black and whites somehow seem more striking. It’s hard, because one always seems to think the opposite of the judges. Best of luck anyway, brother…

  3. Thanks for all the votes and thoughts, everyone. I greatly appreciate it. I’m leaning towards the color irrigation as well. Trying to find a couple of other backup as well.

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